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Every day you will receive up to three new people to potent…@everyone Cadence is now available in the following countries: US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Singapore, British Virgin Islands, and South Africa.

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• Find remarkable people on your city map, get in touch and have a great time together!

Boston Startups Guide provides a current, curated list of Boston startups & community resources.

Cadence is the world's first app that utilizes real-time activity, motion, and fitness information directly from your i Phone to connect you with the perfect fit, literally. We're constantly striving to improve your experience!

As a member of The Club, premium user features allow you to apply a multiplier to the daily ring balance, as well as set additional activity filter preferences to find not only people that are just as active, but also enjoy the same activities and commitment level.

Club members will receive all future premium features included.

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