Aquarius female dating aquarius male

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[hr] A romance between two Air signs often flows harmoniously, and Aquarius Woman and Gemini Man have the right open-mindedness to let themselves keep hitting all the right switches between one another.It is lucky he tends to be a fast moving Air sign, and he’ll need all his masculinity to cut through her aloof and distant nature.Being air signs, both the Aquarius man and the Aquarius man are interested in sex in a more abstract kind of a way.Nevertheless, this can lead to a slightly kinky and very unusual love life – and if it keeps them happy, who are we to argue!On paper this isn’t a problem, but in practice they may lack the words to identify what they need from one another before mistakes are made, with a lot of hurt on the ride down.This relationship takes maturity to find boundaries and reign things in, protecting the magic they build between them.There can be mind games and over-thinking obstacles in the dark moments here, but what is important is these two are in each other’s heads so easily in the first place.They’ll both just have to find the maturity to make way for feelings and emotions, putting words to those murky elements they both normally shy away from in order for some well-needed protection and maintenance in this loving, affectionate and magical romance.

Not so for this couple – this truly can be an ideal match.Aquarian females are different and actually it can be fun to have one of them as your date.The female species of Aquarius are very unpredictable, and also quite out of the normal.​ So I've been dating this guy for a little over a month. As you two got to know each other, whatever he needs in order to feel like he wants to be exclusive with a chick, he did not feel was present in the situation with you. His flakiness might be a fear of getting too involved and loosing his freedom. Oh and i forgot, mine was also so damn "cute", calling me cute names. So as you see, it's not you, they are just like that :-/ Posted by Espresso Oh and i forgot, mine was also so damn "cute", calling me cute names. So as you see, it's not you, they are just like that :-/ I beg to differ, my Aquarius proposed in three months and was hard to get rid of. I just need some relationship advice bc guys can be so hot and cold at times and me, I personally like consistency so it throws me off and makes me feel as though hes getting bored with me. He lost interest honey, what are you confused about? We meet folks and are excited in the beginning, we get to know them better to see if this is someone we want to be exclusive with. I think Aqua guys want to stay free, they are so free spirited that they might appear to have loose values for a grounded sign as Taurus, that needs to know exactly what to expect. On the other hand, i find Aqua guys to be slow to commit and not good when it comes to feelings.

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