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The usage of the term: 'beard,' also known as ‘lavender dating,’ or ‘front dating,’ dates to the twentieth century, prior to the gay rights movements.

This was at a time when homosexual relationships had not yet gained public acceptance.

The beard blocks out the sun's harmful rays and keeps him baby-faced underneath all the fuzz.

Why are you and I so attracted to beards while other people could go either way? As a grown-ass 29-year-old woman, a man’s beard says to me, “I have fully completed puberty, and as such am prepared to breed.” This message is implicit, of course, because guys can’t be walking around saying it out loud on, say, a first date or at your coworker’s birthday party. A guy with any or all of these things can point to them and say, “See, this isn’t all scraggly and messed-up. ” Additionally, beyond the time and attention it takes to actually maintain one’s facial landscape, a healthy groomed beard conveys a basic message of bodily health that, for me, travels directly through my lizard-like brain stem and down into my persqueeter.

I can only assume this goes back to when early humans were constantly dealing with parasites and insects and worms all the time.

Sometimes I just brush my fiancé's beard for hours.

Which is the most disgusting sentence I've ever typed, but dammit, it's true! He can build anything, fix anything, lift anything, and the sex?

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