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During my single years, I traveled a rocky road as I attempted to find a man who would one day be legally required to be my Valentine. Now that I have kids and am no longer in the dating trenches, I realize I missed out on Valentine’s Day.It’s not just about romantic love but also about all the whimsical crafts and delicious concoctions that help us express our appreciation for those around us.Women fawned over him but he was immune to their charms.He was on the fast-track in business school but was also dirt poor and worked as a campus janitor at 4 a.m. ” “I have a film I need to see for my biology class.” Surely he was kidding. When he arrived at my doorstep the next evening, he was exuberant.(Except we didn’t end up dating our stepbrothers, which is fine.) While the characters in were in fact clueless most of the time, we still ended up learning a lot of dating tips from them. There’s no need to be shoving your tongue down your boo’s throat in the middle of the hallway. While I personally think it’s weird that Cher gets together with her stepbrother, it provides a good lesson.These tips will make you anything but clueless in the dating world: 1. If you’re upset or angry about something your partner did or said, you have to tell them. PDA is fine, but make sure you’re not putting on a show for everyone else. Some things are right in front of us, and we don’t even know it!Okay, so if Dionne's braids are just oh so superior and she doesn't wear polyester ones like the one found in Murray's car..did it belong to? Murray, you better not have been jeepin' behind Dionne's back.

We just think you are way prettier than all of your friends.

Given our propensity for engaging in stupid behavior, it's quite remarkable that men still make up roughly 50 percent of the global population.

In light of this, it should hardly come as a surprise that we are completely oblivious when it comes to many things our significant others do.

One of his admirers offered to drive him every day at a.m. “Besides, she drops me off on the way to the track.” The track that did not open until 5 a.m. It was a cover for a romantic evening when he would finally profess his undying love for me. “Hey, thank your parents for the money they sent me! “I didn’t have to donate plasma this week and was able to put it to good use.” Good use that evidently did not include taking me to dinner.

I decided that if he did not make his move on Valentine’s Day that he never would. I still had not lost hope until he took me to the theater in the biology building on campus.

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