Codes for updating database in php

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Fortunately, this isn’t the case with Code Igniter ( a compact and powerful PHP framework developed in PHP 4 that permits you to create full-featured web applications very quickly.

This quick start demonstrates how to use PHP to connect to an Azure SQL database; then use Transact-SQL statements to query, insert, update, and delete data in the database from Mac OS, Ubuntu Linux, and Windows platforms.For the walkthrough, you will work with the Categories table of the SQL Server Northwind database. Event Args e) Finally, you want to add code that will update the database with changes from the record displayed in the page. In the page, you can select a record, edit it, and then save it to the database. As with fetching a single record, the update requires that you set some parameters and then execute a statement (in this case, an Update statement). $userid =mysql_result($result,$i, 'userid'); $_SESSION['userid'] = $userid; or you could combine both n use single variable.close(); /** HELPER FUNCTIONS BELOW **/ /** * Connect to a my SQL Database * The values used here are specific to this sandbox environment; * Replace these values with your my SQL server values.

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