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Do not go to Texas without making friends and going out on a boat.

We have only covered a few square miles of a metroplex that covers over 9,000 square miles and has almost 7 million people.

Some notes about my experience with the upgrade of a Trend Micro Office Scan 10.6 to 11.0.

It's always a good idea to create a backup of your server before the upgrade.

In this particular case, the backup gets created right after disabling automatic upgrading of clients, as for the backup to be taken properly, you need to shut down the Office Scan services.

“A lot of women in Dallas do.” My head popped off, and I gently retrieved it from the floor, where it had landed. I also did not have a picture of me curing cancer or making out with Danny De Vito, which is to say that there is no such picture. It felt symbolic of the ways in which I sometimes do not fit in here.

Those Dallas Women who’d gone and turned my dating site into a wet t-shirt contest. I wanted to see for myself how Dallas women presented themselves.

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