Dating fender cts speakers

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In his spare time he collects cool vintage guitars, basses, and amps.I knew he had a Super Reverb repro sitting there, so I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to do a little A/B comparison.The benchmark tone is my beloved ’67 Blackface Super Reverb Amp with its original CTS Alnico speakers.

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I’ve been hearing from amp and cabinet builders out there how amazing these diminutive little transducers are in 4x10 cabinets and combos, and I wanted to thoroughly investigate the claims.This list has been compiled from a variety of sources.Jensen Loudspeakers takes no responsibility for any errors that may appear.I know, this is kind of like Sampson going up against Goliath, but you all remember how that story ended, right?? For this test I went to my buddy Todd Tillemans, who owns Anything Audio in the Nashville area.Todd makes his living installing sound systems, refurbishing and re-coning vintage Tannoy monitors, and well, doing anything related to audio.

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