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International shipping available at the going rate.are pencil-sized tools with sharp points used to drill points in hides for sewing or decorating.

I don't think the two photos can do justice to how awful these are. Lake Lahontan, during the early Ice Age, was one of the largest lakes in North America.Around 12,800 years ago a bitterly cold period known as the Younger Dryas occurred, and as it ended around 11,500 years ago the climate warmed considerably.New details in the tragic end of one of the world’s earliest cities as well as clues about how urban life may have begun there were revealed in a recent excavation in northeastern Syria that was conducted by the University of Chicago and the Syrian Department of Antiquities. Buildings collapsed, burning out of control, burying everything in them under vast pile of rubble,” said Clemens Reichel, the American co-director of the Syrian-American Archaeological Expedition to Hamoukar.Reichel, a Research Associate at the University’s Oriental Institute, added that the assault probably left the residents destitute as they buried their dead in the ruins of the city.

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