Did garrett hedlund dating leighton meester tiger woods and dating and 2016

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What I really want to know is if Leighton and Ed Westwick have ever hooked up?They seem like good friends, but with chemistry like they have on the show, how can there not be something more there?

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The 34-year-old star - who relies on sister stylists Nina and Clare Hallworth since 2000 - almost stayed true to the original look with the exception of more ample cleavage.

As the duo chatted, "Garret wrapped his arm around her," the observer says.

"She wraps her arm completely around his neck and pulls him for a quick peck on the lips." PHOTOS: All about Garrett and other red carpet newcomers When the pair called it a night, Hedlund was "massaging her shoulders" as they exited together.

New reports claim that the two partied all night together June 22 at the afterparty for Chris Weitz‘s film A Better Life.

Well, considering the site has the wrong premiere date (it was June 21), let’s consider that offsetting inaccuracies!

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