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We have explored the basics and adding paging feature to List View control through my previous articles List View Control in ASP. Like my previous articles on List View control, we will add this feature in 2 scenarios.

Add(New Literal Control("Saved old value for the City editor is: " & CType(Session("saved Old Value"), String))) End Sub Protected Sub Rad Grid1_Item Data Bound(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Then, if a user wants to edit the entry, I want to have an additional display based on what the datasource provided for that row (specifically, if IMEI is not NULL, I want to display an ATT control set.If the MEID is not NULL, I want to display a Verizon control set). NET so sometimes the hardest thing for me is knowing what things to investigate. However, I can't seem to find any controls inside of my List View1_Item Editing() function. When a user clicks the edit button, I want textfields to pop up that are dependent on certain values of the item.

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