Parcel tracking not updating dating age in canada

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Or could UPS be bogged down to the pits of hell from all us fans and unable to update tracking info?

i have had UPS packages delivered to my house before it ever updated on their website.. just cross your fingers, sit in a dark room and scratch at the wall until it gets there.

Yeah, I ordered both the CE and the limited edition strategy guide, but on separate orders.

My CE shipped this morning, and has updated tracking info.

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The package is coming from Illinois to San Francisco, California.Please contact our live chat team on the link to the right if this is the case so that we can look to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.USPS Tracking – Check All the Information About USPS International Mail Tracking | USPS Priority Mail Tracking | Online Shipments Packages by Tracking USPS with USPS Tracking for Deliveries.Features of Canada Post Canada Post tracking international and nation is available and the website is available in order to track Canada Post courier and packages.In this tracking service the user to enter the Canada Post tracking number in order to track the shipment location easily.

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