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Can be used to locate marriage records, which contain further details.A collection of billions of records on American citizens and residents.

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ITEM: I give to my son Steward Pipkin a feather bed and furniture belonging to it and two pewter dishes and three plates and one iron pot two cows and calves and young of two or three years old and two sheep. In 1639 TRISTRAM NORSWORTHY arrived t o marry the daughter of COL. He brought a servant and r eceived 120 acres of land. When WARRASQUEAKE was n amed a shire he bacame the sheriff.

Includes records for addresses, phone numbers, voting, foreclosure, criminal activity and arrests, business affiliations, dates of birth, property, tax, weapon and hunting permits, vehicle ownership, marriages, divorces and more.

An index to and images of death certificates of over 2.3 million people whose deaths were recorded in North Carolina.

Where time was not of the essence, and defendant did not allege prejudice, the State's failure to physically amend the indictment as ordered by the trial court to remedy a discrepancy between the date of offense alleged in the indictment and that supported by the State's evidence was not fatal and did not deprive the trial court of jurisdiction. Factual and Procedural Background On 13 July 2013, Curtis Ray Gates, Jr. immediately rushed to Officer Funcke, crying hysterically and appearing to be in distress, stating that defendant was “going to rape and kill her.” She claimed that defendant had struck her and dragged her to where Officer Funcke found them. Another officer, Officer Ashley Potter, observed that A. On 9 October 2014, the jury found defendant guilty of first-degree sexual offense, first-degree kidnapping, and crime against nature. The jury further found that the restraint or removal of A. facilitated the commission of both a crime against nature and a first-degree sexual offense.

Where there was evidence to support a finding that the victim suffered serious personal injury, the trial court did not err in instructing the jury on first-degree sexual offense. was disheveled; her makeup was smeared, the side of her face “was red, as if she had been struck with something[,]” and Officer Funcke detected marks nearby, indicating that somebody had been dragged to where he observed A. The injuries appeared to be fresh, and there was still dirt in some of them. On 10 June 2014, a superseding indictment was entered by the Grand Jury, charging defendant with first-degree sexual offense, first-degree kidnapping, and crime against nature.

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