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If you want to have sex but your boyfriend or girlfriend or friend doesn't, you must respect their feelings.

You might think from what you hear from friends that all young people are having sex.

It has been recorded in just 0.1 per cent of vertebrates, but Flora’s feat indicated that the strategy may be more widespread than we first thought.

In 2002, a female white-spotted bamboo shark laid eggs at the Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit, despite six years without a partner.

But the average age for having sex for the first time is 16, and not everyone does it at that age.

Some people wait until they're older, so you're not the only one saying no.

Nobody has the right to make you go further than you want to.

This is often during the first few months after infection when they have very high levels of the virus in their body fluids and may not yet have been diagnosed.This can happen if the person with HIV has a detectable viral load and no form of protection is being used – this is called unprotected sex.If someone with HIV is taking HIV medication and has an undetectable viral load they cannot pass on HIV.The eggs hatched right on Christmas, spawning the inevitable virgin birth jokes, but tests confirmed that indeed, Flora had gone this one entirely alone.While self-fertilisation, called parthenogenesis, is routine for many invertebrates—rotifers, snails, water fleas, aphids, zooplankton and some honey bees— it’s rare in complex creatures.

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