Updating to plesk 9

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The next product up from the Standard version of Mail Enable is the Professional version.

Expand the Plesk hosting features menu and check for a newer version that is not currently installed.

In any case we recommend backing up all your files before making any changes to your Plesk installation.

You can install an SSL certificate on the primary IP address on a Parallels Plesk Panel 10 or 11.0.9 server.

Not only does Mail Enable undertake testing of its software with the Plesk, but Parallels communicates the results of their testing with Mail Enable.

Upgrading this version is at no charge and can be completed at any time.

Those using Mail Enable in a Plesk environment may wish to upgrade the version of Standard Edition installed with Plesk.

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On an SSD VPS you will have the ability to create a snapshot, creating a snapshot will give you the possibility to perform easily a rollback to the state "before upgrading".

After we approve your certificate renewal request, you can download your SSL and intermediate certificate.

For more information, see Download my SSL certificate files. You can also download the intermediate certificate here.

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